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‘Wspieram’ Foundation presents ginacezawody.com the promotional and educational platform.

The development of technology, the resulting industrial revolution and the increasing mechanization of production - all this has caused many professions to die out.

Mass production is increasingly replacing the activities of craftsmen and manufacturies. Carrying out many professions requires extensive knowledge and experienced specialists who are currently facing difficulties in finding their successors.

The main objective of the ginacezawody.com platform is to present and briefly describe selected professions and to bring together the available materials on this subject (films, publications, projects, etc.).

As part of the project activities - in addition to creating a compendium of knowledge about disappearing jobs - we have also made a series of nine videos featuring Warsaw representatives of vanishing professions. We captured the profiles of people who practice such professions as shoemaking, tailoring, sewing machine repair, bookbinding, furriery, bronzing, glassmaking, watchmaking, and jewelry making.

The ginacezawody.com platform was created as a part of the project co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage from the Culture Promotion Fund - a state-earmarked fund. Our project is non-commercial.

We truly hope that the ginacezawody.com platform will serve to promote the topic of disappearing jobs and inspire young people to become interested in traditional professions and crafts.

We encourage you to take full advantage of the information and materials available on the ginacezawody.com platform!

‘Disappearing jobs’ project